I purchased the 36” Survey Markers and they are a good product and work great.

~ Victor V., New Fairfield, CT

The Survey Markers work fine, we like them, they are light weight which is good for packing on long trips up the hills. At this point we would suggest no changes.

~ Anonymous

I teach biology at Hillsdale College.  I use the survey markers to mark trapping grids.  My students and I trap small mammals (mostly native mice) and record demographic data and collect tissue for DNA analysis.  Our grids are usually laid out so that each station (each survey marker marks a station) is 20m from the others.  We place a trap or two at each station.  I will trap 3 – 4 times a year for, I hope, several years.  In the past I have used wooden stakes, but wanted to try something different.  So far we really like the survey markers. They go in the ground easy and are easy to find.   A few were run over by a 4-wheeler and were not broken.

~ Jeff V. - Biology Teacher, Hillsdale College